Staff and Client Safety
is Our Top Priority
At Brazos Recovery, health and safety are always two of our top priorities, which is why we are offering a variety of preventative measures to protect everyone at our campus from contracting and spreading COVID-19, Coronavirus. We have established daily meetings with our Executive team, our Medical Director and other healthcare professionals to coordinate and expedite review, augmentation and mitigation steps specific to COVID-19 response. Below are the actions we are taking to ensure our clients and staff safety. READ MORE
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What Makes Brazos Recovery Different?

The staff at Brazos Recovery welcome you on your journey to freedom from addiction or freedom from a loved one’s addiction. All of the direct care staff at Brazos have firsthand experience with addiction and the process of transcendence into a life with purpose, passion and freedom in recovery.

Brazos Recovery Services provides a full continuum of care at our Men’s Drug Rehab. We offer detox, long term residential care, as well as an Intensive Outpatient Program and Sober Living. Recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction takes time. The typical length of stay at Brazos Recovery’s drug rehab is 90 days. Our admissions department will give you a better idea of the duration of stay based on you or your loved ones needs.

At Brazos, as our alumni graduates call our program, we realize that addiction is a life threatening disease. Lives are at stake when battling addiction. Our program at Brazos has been intentionally forged by a staff that has firsthand experience of addiction and, most importantly, long-term recovery.

Benefits of Men’s Only Residential Drug Rehab Program

Gender Specific Drug Rehab has become a best practices model when treating men and women who struggle with addiction. Based on our years of experience treating the disease of addiction and even more years of research, we elected to adhere to the gender specific model at Brazos, so your loved ones will not be in treatment with female clients. A distraction free environment is essential in assisting our staff to reach each client at a new level, to not only educate them but to also provide a solution to their addiction. Gender specific treatment has become so important because of a natural tendency to default into a relationship early in recovery, which is often a distraction from their recovery process. At Brazos, we have witnessed firsthand the devastating effects of this natural human tendency. Our commitment to the addict and their loved ones is that our staff and our program have the absolute best intentions in regards to their treatment from addiction. An additional advantage of our gender specific facility is that this environment allows each client to develop his OWN person and be able to follow the directions that the 12 steps provide in their daily lives.

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More About our Texas Location

Brazos Recovery Services is located just 90 miles South of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Although our campus was intentionally built in the country, we are just a short drive to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport where the majority of our clients are picked up and brought to our facility. We also pick up clients from Dallas Love Field Airport in Dallas, TX.

Family Treatment We also encourage family involvement through weekly contact with the assigned clinician, as well as an invitation to Family Day (if length of stay permits). Family Day is held every six weeks and the clinician will alert the family when their loved one is scheduled for their day. This educational and experiential event will help the addict as well as the family learn recovery language and healthy communication, as well as the new requirements for living while recovering from addiction. Our aim is to provide families with the very best tools that we have learned ourselves, so that despite how your loved one is doing, you stay healthy and strong for yourself and your family.

We truly believe that we provide the best Men’s only residential drug rehab program in Texas. If you are looking for a safe, cost-effective, solution-centered drug rehab experience, then please feel free to give us a call to find out if we are a fit for you or your loved one. Recovery IS possible for all who seek it.

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