Ben Patterson
Ben PattersonOWNER

As founder of Brazos Recovery Services, Brazos Recovery Center, Brazos Intensive Outpatient Program and Ebbys Place LLC, Ben Patterson brings the vision of hope to the organizations. Ben’s vision to offer quality treatment, recovery and accountability to the on-going journey of newly recovering addicts and alcoholics has become the basis for hope for the many recovered addicts that have come through Brazos. Through Ben’s own 25 years in and around the treatment industry, his recovery has brought about an experience that he now passes on to others, not only those tied with Brazos, but to all those involved in different aspects of drug and alcohol treatment and recovery.

His passion is in chasing addicts and drunks and showing them that there is a new way to live. Ben is very passionate about the recovery process that has saved his life and countless others. Ben believes in residents transforming their lives through living by and following the 12 steps, and developing a personal relationship with God.

A Word From Ben

If you have reached this page you are more than likely considering putting your loved one in our care. I lived in active addiction for the better part of fifteen years. My intentions were always to stay sober, I just couldn’t figure out how to do that. When I was younger my parents would beg and plead with me to quit. Feeling guilty and realizing that I indeed had a drug problem, I would convince myself that I would no longer use. Meanwhile, nothing internally changed. Often my parents would be so proud of my new claim to sobriety that they would shower me with gifts to celebrate the new found sobriety that I promised. Looking back, my external world would begin to change with new cars, apartments, clothes, etc. but internally nothing would change. There was always a better plan, another excuse or my parents just getting worn out by non-stop baby-sitting me. My promises of sobriety would soon be lost to another relapse and then another. This cycle repeated itself for years until my family had enough. My parents soon became educated on not enabling me anymore and I was forced to figure out this whole recovery thing on my own.

February 3, 2013 I received the phone call that no parent ever wants to receive. The Fort Worth police had found my baby girl unconscious in a friend’s apartment. She had recently checked herself out of treatment against staff advice. Of course, her intentions were to stay sober but the tools she learned were not being applied. Paige’s disease quickly told her that although she was an addict, maybe she could just drink a few beers. Within a week of this relapse on beer, she allowed another addict to stick a needle in her arm and inject her with heroin. Naïve as a lot of addicts, she had earlier taken pills, that when mixed with heroin were a deadly combination. Paige had never used a needle before that night. In a moment of partying gone wrong, Paige was gone forever. It is impossible to put into words the pain surrounding my daughter’s death. There are not words dark enough to describe that feeling that our lives experienced in the following time to now.

My sole existence in this life has become to not allow another parent to experience this pain. I spend sleepless nights, searching and seeking for the best evidence based treatment methods and practices. My purpose is to teach the addicts that we serve the freedom that can be achieved through a Spiritual Experience as the result of applying the 12 steps into their lives.

My prayers go out to you and your loved one. Hope is here.

Ben Patterson, Owner

In Loving Memory of My Baby Girl
Lani Paige Patterson

Aug, 3 1991 – Feb, 3 2013