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Dr. Clayton L. Pickering, D.O.

Dr. Clayton Pickering is Board-Certified in Family Medicine. He attended medical school at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Fort Worth, TX and went on to complete his internship and residency at the Bay Area Medical Center in Corpus Christi, TX. Dr. Pickering joined the Brazos team as Medical Director in 2013. With his experience in counseling and detoxification for both illicit drugs and prescription medications, Dr. Pickering is an instrumental component to our medically managed detoxification programs. His 17 plus years of experience shows in his attentiveness to our clients’ needs as he not only gets to know them but he works to help them in all areas of their medical/physical health (beyond just detoxification). Dr. Pickering is known for his skills in management, quality assurance, and his understanding of how drugs and alcohol effect each individual. Dr. Pickering has also become well-versed in the process of recovery and what it takes to become recovered. Dr. Pickering ensures that all Brazos’ clients get the attention they need throughout the detox process and the duration of their treatment at Brazos, making him a wise addition to the Brazos Team.

Dr. David L. Henderson, M.D.

Dr. David Henderson is a Board-Certified Psychiatrist, Author and Speaker. Dr. Henderson has worked with clients with a wide range of psychiatric disorders, which include depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, delusional disorders, and substance use disorders. Dr. Henderson has served many different long term roles in the psychiatric field. Some include serving as the Department Chair of Psychology and Counseling at Criswell College, where he rebuilt the Masters in Counseling Program and started the Undergraduate Major in Psychology. Dr. Henderson also served as an Adjunct Professor of Psychology and Counseling at Dallas Theological Seminary. Currently, he is a member of the Board of Directors for Drug Prevention Resources, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing youth substance abuse, and he is also the Psychological Correspondent for 'Mornings with Jeff and Rebecca' on KCBI 90.9 FM. Dr. Henderson joins Brazos with the same goal in mind, to give our clients the attention and care they need to begin to recreate their lives as recovered men.

Steven Sean Campbell, MPAS PA-C

Following his passion for helping people and healthy living, Sean decided to pursue a career in medicine. Sean graduated from a Master’s in Physician Assistant Studies program in Fort Worth in 2012, and since then, his original passion has only increased. Working in a rural Family Practice clinic has taught Sean a lot about compassion, empathy, and loyalty, and he depends on these things as well as the rest of the medical team to provide the highest quality healthcare possible. Sean has been working with Brazos and practicing addiction medicine for four (4) years, and he counts it an honor and a privilege to play a small role in so many patients’ journeys to recovery.

When Sean is not practicing medicine, he spends time with his family. Sean and his wife, Jenny, have been married for nine (9) years, and they have three (3) children. They are very active in their church in Whitney where Sean serves as a worship pastor/teacher. Sean loves to spend time outdoors at the lake fishing, hiking, and hunting.